Dyslexia is an inability to learn how to do read and write (with correct spelling and punctuation) in the way that the majority of the population can do.  It is a genetic problem, and as such it can’t be overcome by taking medication or by being taught English in the conventional way.

However it is possible for both children and adults to overcome the problem through receiving tuition in a unique way - a way that is quite different from the way in which English is normally taught in class.

This tuition can take place in school, usually via the special needs teacher, or it can also be undertaken at home by the parent or a friend of the family who does not suffer from dyslexia.

If you are a parent seeking to work with the school the best approach is to talk to the school’s Special Needs Coordinator (often called the SENCO).   The school may then choose to have the young person tested either via an educational psychologist or by using our on-line diagnostic test - although not every school will opt to pay for a test.

If the school does not wish to test the child, parents may, however, opt to have their child tested directly.

Parents who arrange for their child to take the online diagnostic test for dyslexia will receive a full report on the results, and where we believe dyslexia is evident our colleagues at Multi-Sensory Learning will supply a set of resources that can be used with that child to overcome some of their mathematical difficulties.

If you have any questions please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Schools can order in the following ways:

  • for immediate use via our on-line shop
  • send in an official school order or give us an order number
  • send in a cheque payable to Websites and Blogs Ltd

Parents can order by:

In each case you will be forwarded a link so that you can then take the test at any time you wish.