The Dyslexia Diagnostic Test

The Dyslexia Diagnostic Test prepared by the Dyslexia Centre is available for use on-line and is suitable for use with pupils and students aged from eight upwards.

Once you have registered your interest in having one or your pupils or students take the diagnostic test you will be sent a link to the test so that you may undertake it with your pupil or student at a time convenient to you once you have signed in.

What is in the test

As may be anticipated the diagnostic text examines the individual’s ability to spell words of various complexity.

However, in addition to that the test also considers three other areas of brain activity that can be indicators of dyslexia.  It is this area of examination that allows us to distinguish between individuals who are poor at spelling because of cultural, social, intellectual or educational reasons, and those who are dyslexic in the sense of having a genetic malfunction.

This is, we believe, an important issue, since the remedial teaching and learning that is needed in the case of a dyslexic person is different from that needed in relation to a person who is bad at spelling for other reasons.

The three areas we particularly look at are the ability to recognise and create rhymes, the visual perception of words on the page by the individual, and the individual’s interface between the short and long term memory.

By combining information on these three areas with a knowledge of the individual’s abilities in the field of spelling we are able to make a judgement as to whether the individual has dyslexia or not.

Taking the test

We suggest that you stay with the pupil or student while the test is being taken, but please don’t offer any help or encouragement in any way.  

It normally takes no more than 20 minutes for the test to be completed, but if the individual taking the test becomes distressed or distracted during the test, it is possible to pause the test and return to it either after a few minutes or at a later date.

Dictionaries and spell checkers etc that can help with spellings are not permitted at all in the test, and we would strongly suggest that, if there is any chance that the pupil or student has a mobile phone to hand, this is turned completely off. 

The pupil or student can, however, work out spellings on paper, and so you may wish to provide pen and paper for the individual to use if he/she feels the need .

After the test

Once the pupil or student with whom you are working has taken the test you will receive a report from one of the Centre’s educationalists commenting on the test results and our conclusions drawn from them.  

This report will come by email and will normally be with you in around two working days.

You will subsequently also receive a free copy of a set of materials that is appropriate to the individual’s needs as diagnosed by the test.  These can be used to help the individual overcome his/her problems.

If we find that the individual has no specific dyslexia related problems at the level at which the test is constructed you will still get a report relating to any specific areas of difficulty we have diagnosed, but no support materials.  We will also refund half the fee you have paid.


The fee is £59.95 for a single test or £49.95 for a test if three are booked in at one time.   Where three tests are booked together there is no time limit on when the tests are taken, and thus you might use the test at once for one student and then use a second test for another student a term or two later.

You can order the test

      For immediate use via our on-line shop

      with a school order number by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

      by phone to 01604 880 927 again with a school order number

      with a cheque by post to, 1 Oathill Close, Brixworth, Northampton, 9BE.  Please make cheques payable to Websites and Blogs Ltd