I’m worried about my child’s English.  How can I find out what’s wrong?

People who have difficulty with spellings, punctuation and expressing themselves via written messages can have a significant disadvantage in life.

Such people not only have problems in passing English exams at school, but they also often have difficulty with studying many other subjects such as history, geography, science, and indeed any subject where the information in the subject is presented in written English. 

These people may have dyslexia - a genetic disorder.  It cannot be cured but once diagnosed it is possible to help children with dyslexia by teaching them in a different way.

There are two types of tests for dyslexia: screening tests and a diagnostic tests.

Screening tests can tell you that it is possible that your child has dyslexia but they don’t tell you where the problem is, so they don’t help in finding a solution.

Diagnostic tests include the “screening” but go much further - they tell you if it is very likely that your child is dyslexic, and where the exact problem lies.  A good diagnostic test will also tell you if there are any associated issues or problems, and how you can help your child.

On this page what we talk about is a diagnostic test.  After a child has taken it, we review the results, and consider not only dyslexia but also whether there are any related problems, and then we provide the materials to help your child overcome the problem.


Do I need my child to see an educational psychologist?

The only way to be absolutely certain about whether a person has dyslexia or not, is to have a one-to-one session with a psychologist who specialises in dyslexia.  The cost is normally around £350 - seven times as much as the cost of our on-line test.

If you need an educational psychologist who specialises in dyslexia you will be able to find your nearest one via Google.  However please do note that educational psychologists do not normally provide teaching materials or other support to help your child overcome his/her dyslexia.


Who the test is for

The test is designed for anyone aged eight upwards.

Below there are details of what to do when you are ready to take the test.  Please note you will need a debit or credit card to pay for the test before your son or daughter starts.  You should also have a pen or pencil and paper ready for your child in case he/she wants to work things out as we go along.


When you are ready for your child to take the test…

We suggest that you stay with your child while the test is being taken, but please don’t offer any help to your child, or encourage by saying something along the lines of “You know this one - you were learning that the other day…”   

You can however pause the test at any time to give your child a break, and then come back to it later.  And do tell your child that there is nothing to worry about if some of the questions can’t be answered.  The test is here to find out how we can help your child - not to pass judgement.

If your child becomes distressed or loses a willingness to continue with the test, pause the test.  You can return at any time.  If your child does not wish to continue, even after a pause, send the test to us as far as it has been completed.

Dictionaries and spell checkers etc that can help with spellings are not permitted at all in the test.  Your child can, however, work out spellings on paper, but must not look answers up or get help.

The test costs £49.95 when undertaken by a parent and this price includes the delivery to you of the resources that we feel will help your child overcome his/her dyslexia.



The fee is £49.95 for a test.   You can order the test

      For immediate use via our on-line shop

      by phone to 01604 880 927 with a credit card

      with a cheque by post to Schools.co.uk, 1 Oathill Close, Brixworth, Northampton, 9BE.  Please make cheques payable to Websites and Blogs Ltd