Knowing what to do to help a dyslexic child is difficult.  For while all people who are dyslexic have problems learning how to spell, it is also the case that each individual is very likely to have her or his own set of dyslexia related problems.


That is why having school pupils and students undertake a simple diagnostic test which not only reveals their ability at spelling but also explores their ability recognise and create rhymes, and to recognise printed words quickly can be very helpful.

It is also important to understand if the individual has any difficulty perceiving particular colour combinations, and to see if there is any difficulty at the interface between the short and long term memory.

This is why the Dyslexia Centre developed its on-line diagnostic test for dyslexia.   Those who take the test can get not only a diagnosis of possible dyslexia, but the test also gives guidance on the key issues the individual is facing and how they can be tackled.