The Dyslexia Centre

The Dyslexia Centre was founded in 2011 with the specific intent of providing a diagnostic test for dyslexia which could be undertaken on line and which could be provided and assessed at a modest cost.  

Part of the motivation for setting up the Centre was the fact that we felt there were many young people who quite possibly were dyslexic but who were unable to be assessed and then helped because of the cost.

Our aim therefore has been to produce both guidance as to the specific nature of the difficulties individuals may have dyslexia suffer from, as well as materials that can help overcome these problems.

At the same time all members of the team that set up the Centre were thus particularly keen that the cost of the diagnostic test should be kept as low as possible. 

Obviously where a parent or a school feel that the condition of a pupil or student warrants a personal meeting with a specialist educational psychologist, this can be arranged. 

But where this is not thought to be viable our aim is to provide an alternative at a considerably lower cost.  We do not in any way suggest that our on-line test is the equivalent of a session with a specialist educational psychologist, but nevertheless we do feel that where a session with a psychologist is not possible, the Centre’s test can provide helpful and valuable information which can be used to the benefit of the individual.

Several members of the team responsible for the launch of the now widely recognised Dyscalculia Centre worked with the Multi-Sensory Learning organisation in producing the diagnostic test.

The teaching materials that are provided free of charge after an individual has taken the test and been found, in the opinion of the Dyslexia Centre’s team, to be suffering from dyslexia, have also kindly been provided by Multi-Sensory Learning.

The Dyslexia Centre’s chief educationalist is Tony Attwood, C.Ed., B.A., M.Phil (Lond), F.Inst.A.M, who also oversees the work of the Dyscalculia Centre.