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The Dyslexia Centre: what we do

The Dyslexia Centre was founded in 2011 to offer information to parents and teachers about dyslexia, and to provide a low cost on-line diagnostic test for individuals who may be suffering from dyslexia.

Each person taking the diagnostic test and who is considered by those reviewing the test results to be suffering from dyslexia is also provided with a range of teaching materials that can be used to help improve that individual’s abilities in regards to the written language.

The Centre’s test examines not only the abilities of the individual to spell words of different constructions, but also looks at the individual’s visual perception, the ability to identify and differentiate rhymes, and issues relating to the movement of information between the short-term and long-term memories - an issue that is often found to be linked to dyslexia.

There are more details on the site of the way in which the Diagnostic Test works, and what is tested, and how taking the test relates to the work of educational psychologists who are specialist in this area.

However if you wish to proceed immediately to learning more about the test itself please follow the links in the box below.


The On-line Dyslexia Test

The On-line Dyslexia Test is suitable both for adults
and for children over 8 years old.

Teachers: For more information or to get a link to the test please visit

The Dyslexia Test - teachers page 

Parents: For more information or to get a link to the test please visit

 The Dyslexia Test - parents page 




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